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❓ Frequently asked questions

Help, all my rewards show as [HIDDEN]

Rewards show as hidden by default unless you give them a displayname. So just use /qa edit [questname] rewards edit [rewardid] displayname and that'll be displayed instead of [HIDDEN].

This gives you the benefit that you can better specify what the reward is (for example, “Mysterious sword” instead of “NETHERITE_SWORD” if it would be done automatically by the plugin)

Do I need a MySQL database?

Nope! The standard SQLite database (will be created in your plugins/NotQuests folder) will work just fine. However, MySQL is faster and thus recommended. The database queries were also designed with MySQL in mind.

How can I migrate player-data from SQLite to MySQL, or the other-way around?

I recommend you to do that manually via DBEaver or something like that. Shouldn't be too hard as the SQL Queries for both SQLite and MySQL NotQuests is using are the same. There is one experimental way of doing it automatically though. I won't guarantee that it works, and please make a backup before trying it out:

  1. In general.yml set load-playerdata-on-join and save-playerdata-on-quit to false
  2. Start server with old database
  3. Add new database to the general.yml
  4. Do /qa reload (Miight not be neccesary)
  5. Do /qa debug loadDataManagerUnsafe
  6. Shut down the server
  7. Revert what you did in step 1