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🪨 BetonQuest

You can use ANY conditions and actions of NotQuests in BetonQuest. At the same time, you can use any actions, conditions & objectives of BetonQuest in NotQuests. Only BetonQuest 2.x and higher is supported.

❤️ Using NotQuests conversation interceptor in BetonQuest


To use it: Use default_interceptor: notquests in the BetonQuest config. Also make sure your default_conversation_IO: setting is either set to menu or simple .

❤️ Using BetonQuest Events in NotQuests

Example: /qa actions add actionname BetonQuestFireEvent default tag_wood_done


Example: /qa actions add actionname BetonQuestFireInlineEvent tag add wood_done

❤️ Using BetonQuest Conditions in NotQuests

Example: /qa conditions add conditionname BetonQuestCondition default wood_done equals true

❤️ Using BetonQuest Objectives in NotQuests

Example: /qa edit questname objectives add BetonQuestObjectiveStateChange default wood COMPLETED

💛 NotQuests Actions you can use in BetonQuest Events

  • nq_action <action type> <inline arguments specific to that NotQuests action> - Inline arguments will be documented later in their respective type pages.
    • Example 1: nq_action Beam test world -15140 85 2234
    • Example 2: nq_action Beam test -15140;85;2234;world
  • nq_triggerobjective <trigger name>
  • nq_startquest <quest name> (optional: -force -silent -notriggers)
  • nq_failquest <quest name>
  • nq_abortquest <quest name> - This just removes the quest from the player if it's active. Does not fail the quest
  • nq_questpoints <set/add/remove> <amount> (optional: -silent)

💛 NotQuests Conditions you can use in BetonQuest Conditions

  • nq_condition <condition type> <inline arguments specific to that NotQuests condition>