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🎨 Customization

GUI items

You can customize the items displayed in the GUI for both categories (default: Chest) and quests (default: book). For Quests, you can use the command /qa edit questName guiItem ... and for categories /qa categories edit categoryName guiItem ...

Advanced items (e.g. custom model data)

NotQuests supports any items - even the most complex one. This includes special items from other plugins! Internally, notquests uses the Bukkit Item Serialization API, so notquests supports anything that supports that.

Do you have any item which is complex like that (so not just a material)? Then hold the item in your hand and use 'hand' as material name. E.g. if you want your super fancy enchanted custom model data item to be displayed in the GUI for a category, hold it in your hand and use /qa categories edit categoryName guiItem hand . That easy!


You can edit most strings and translations in notquests (currently not all of them, but the most important ones). This can be done in the "languages" folder of notquests

Customize the entire GUI

The entire GUI, including materials and positions of stuff, can be customized - to a certain degree - in translation files in the "languages" folder as well

Color codes

Colors are supported basically everywhere in notquests - but not the legacy ones you used to know. Stuff like &6 or &c won't bring you far - it has long been abandoned by Mojang & kept alive by Spigot - as NotQuests thrives to be as modern and innovating as possible, it abandoned those too.

Instead, we are now using MiniMessage, which allows you to do even more advanced stuff easier, like RGB colors, gradients, and even click commands & hover messages! You can find the MiniMessage docs here.

Let's start by giving our quest a colorful display name:

/qa edit TheVirus displayName set <red>A <bold>Deadly</bold> <#eb34a1>Virus

Cool display name

Or even:

/qa edit TheVirus displayName set <rainbow>A <bold>Deadly</bold></rainbow> <gradient:#eb34a1:#ffffff>Virus</gradient>

Another display name

Pretty cool, right? You even have auto-completions for all MiniMessage color tags for many commands. At the same time, NotQuests has added some internal colors which you can use to achieve a consistent look. For example <highlight> , <highlight2> or <main> . Those can be customize inside of the config, to change NotQuests entire color scheme.

Example: clickable link in the description of your first objective of a quest:

/qa edit yourquestname objectives edit 1 description set <click:OPEN_URL:yoururllink>Click here</click>